Our co-founder and resident human exception tracker, Josh, recently went to Monitorama 2016. He brought back goodies to share with our team! Here are a few highlights:

Monitoring is Dead: Long Live Monitoring

Greg tackles the question everyone wants to know: What is monitoring? He breaks it down by calling it "an action of observing and checking the behavior and outputs of a system and its components over time." To add to the complexity, he also defines the terms of "systems" and "components," amongst others. Greg, I don't know you, but my academic heart loves you for this. Let's get pizza and do a literature review of distributed systems research.

The most interesting part is towards the conclusion, where he defines DevOps as a collaboration with other engineers. He proposes that monitoring is a part of building software, like test-driven development for production.

Here the full talk. Keep a pad of paper handy for notes.

Monitorama PDX 2016 - Greg Poirier - Monitoring is Dead. Long Live Monitoring from Monitorama on Vimeo.


The monitoring world is full of tools. How do you know which are complimentary to one another to build a monitoring strategy? Lucky for us, BigPanda summed it up in this awesome graphic.

BigPanda monitoring scape overview

For more reading about the different monitoring tools, make sure to check out MonitoringScape for the full-sized graphic and a ton of information on the differences between each tool.

If you need a recommendation for an error tracker, we know of one that's pretty badass.

Dinner at Andina

Okay, Josh couldn't share that one and we were a little jealous. But he also was on-call, got a maelstrom of alerts at 3 am, and didn't sleep that night. We can call it even.

We Loved Monitorama 2016

If you want to geek out over monitoring, make sure to check out the rest of the talks. Make sure to let us know which was your favorite! We are always happy to geek out via Twitter.